Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Steaming to KEP

A pretty normal day today as we continue to steam north towards KEP. In fact we were going too fast and we would have arrived at about 10pm this evening, but we slowed down so that we should arrive at about 6am tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds like a lot of fun as the ship can pull up the wharf at KEP, which means that we can unload quickly and then go off and explore - weather depending. Should be able to find Shackleton's grave and look around the old whaling station which has been preserved. Hopefully will see some some more wildlife. In the last few days have seen some whales blowing and some King penguins but haven't been fast enough to photograph them. Have some penguins instead.

Gentoo Penguins on Signy Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

cool pictures juli, it looks like those penguins are holding flippers or wings or whatever. i like the blog lots. hope all is good, curley x

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