Monday, December 05, 2005

Leaving Signy

Woke up this morning and the ship was completely surrounded by sea-ice. It seems that during the night the wind was slowly blowing large chunks of ice into the bay so that we are trapped aboard. This has meant that the work that was meant to take place on Signy today was cancelled, since the smaller boats couldn't be lowered.

The captain therefore decided to weigh anchor. The ship itself just pushed its way out. We are currently steaming in open water around Coronation island as we make our way from Signy to King Edward Point on South Georgia, our next stop. Just saw my first cetacean, it was sort of browny and only the back and fin came out of the water. Also saw some crazy penguins jumping around in the water, they ware the wierdest things and look as though someone has launched a small black bottle out of the water which then plops back in. Its even more crazy when there are a load of them.

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