Friday, December 21, 2007

Sorry - Busy - The Past - The Shack Arrives - The Future

Once again I have to say sorry for not updating the blog. I don't have any great excuses except to say that I have been very very busy. So busy that the only time that I have time to write an entry happens to be relief which is theoretically the busiest time down here at Halley. So here is a text entry of the past the present and the future. Hopefully I will get around to filling this in a bit more.

So in short what has been happening? Well since my last entry I have been on my final winter trip and got some amazing photos (soon to be added). New people arrived on base and we had our first plane. I finally got down to see the penguins at Windy bay. Apart from that its been packing packing and more packing as we shut down the science here to make space for the building of the new base. The science team has packed over 5 tonnes already and I will be packing another tonne and a half before the end of relief. All this will be sent back to Cambridge or in the case of the AIS (which I looked after) Norway. Oh yeah my leg is fine, thanks for all the support. I have even been kiting again. More people arrived on base until it felt like a summer crew even before the ship arrived.

The ship arrived yesterday and we got to have a lovely sauna and some fresh food. Relief started properly today but I am only helping in the background as I still have final packing of science equipment to do and field equipment to get ready for deployment later.

Soon I will be out on fieldwork and being smelly in a tent.

Planning to leave Halley around the end of Feb and then will travel back through Africa.
Hoping to be back in the Uk around May but you never know.

Anyway Merry Christmas and have A Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Hey Juli - good work on an update, I've been sad not to read new news from Antarctica lately. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too. I also wanted to mention that I've got an uncle and aunt from Australia who are moving to the Falklands in a week, I don't know if your return vessel passes by there, but if it does you should look them up, they'd be very welcoming. Will.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I saw on TV the other night about the first plane landing down south... do like catching up on what goes on down there... take care..

Anonymous said...

i hear that though i love camping

Anonymous said...

No more updates? Ever? Say it isn't so!