Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still Alive

Just thought I would make a quick post as I am just about to go on nights and in the next week should have enough time to catch up on the blogging side of things. The ship has come for second call. Which means that summer is nearly over and all the summerers will have left us in the next two days. Over half of them have left already and are staying on the ship. All us winterers got to go to the ship and have our teeth checked by the dentist. After that there is only one last plane (the Basler) on its way out of Antarctica to go and then we shall have our 10 months alone again.

Me and my beard and tash

Watch this space because I will be blogging to try to catch up all that has happened.

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Anonymous said...

wow, nice it actually yours?! i've sent on that email btw. hope all's well- is it gettin dark yet?