Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A day in Monte

Its notthat I have been particularly busy its just that the ship takes a lotout of you. A quick low down of what is happening: Left London- Flight was good and I watched Cinderella Man, Fantastic Four (J Alba hot) and theHitch hiker's Guide. Arrived Monte at which point a certain person (moi) started causing trouble by being admitted into the country as a tourist when I should have handed in my passport to immigration and got some other stamp. Cue lots of s**t hitting fan. All sorted out by friendly agent WalterPascuali. Settled down on ship (The RRS Ernest Shackleton).

Then head into town for a few beers and steak. Amazing steak and a litre of beer cost less that 2 quids. Left Monte next morning and since then have been making our way down the coast of S. America heading to the Falklands.

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